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Dear Ebay Seller:

It happens to sellers every day. They have a great product to sell… but, can’t seem to bring in the bids to sell for a decent profit.

You know how it is – you find the perfect product at a great price and snatch it up excited to put it up on ebay. It use to happen to me… I’d find great products – items I knew would sell well… but, I wouldn’t even get watchers! And, if I did – they didn’t always bid. I knew my products were good because I was watching other sellers make a bundle on the same items I was trying to sell!

That’s When I Started Paying Attention…
and I did a major overhaul on my listings –
the results? Amazing!

Now you can get your own Auction Overhaul and start seeing a nice improvement in your sales too!

"Thank you so much!

I have learned lots and still am learning! Already my auctions are doing much better!!!"

~ Sylvie

Everything you need is right here to give your listings a good kick in the pants... It is like your very own EXTREME MAKEOVER - Auction Edition!

Whether you are an experienced seller or new to selling on eBay, the Auction Overhaul is designed to give you an edge... a HUGE advantage over your competition!

Learn valuable tips and techniques to listing your auction so it stands out from your competition... and ensure that bidders who are looking for items like yours find it. This is a hands ON program that includes worksheets and training videos to walk you through every important step in listing an auction. We will cover:

  • How to list your item for highest visibility
  • How to determine keywords for your title AND description
  • How to make your listing stand above your competition
  • How to get in the face of potential bidders 24/7
  • How to use photo editing software to edit your pictures
  • How to write compelling descriptions that sell your product
  • How to avoid common mistakes other sellers make

You don't just get a list of things to check off -- with Auction Overhaul you will get your hands on tools to do your very own 'Do-It-Yourself' auction critique.

It is like having your own auction coach critiquing your listings. The principles learned through the Auction Overhaul can be applied to all of your listings - providing you with a powerful tool to fight the competition and get more bids!

"I have been selling on eBay for about 4 years with 1172 100% positive feedback. I even sell computer items for my brothers work and charge them 20%.

Your e-book has some great ideas. I really like the part about the photos. The title info really makes sense I thought I have been doing a good job at the titles but after reading your book I think it will really increase my sales. This is a great reference to have!

Thanks for taking the time to combine all this important information in such an easy read. I also enjoy your newsletter!"

Take care,

Here Is What You Get With This
Auction Overhaul Special:

brown-arrow-06_R AuctionOverhaul Workbook ($49 value) - this is your guide for walking through a complete auction critique. We discuss the important pieces of listing an auction that many sellers completely miss. The workbook is full of tips, resources and worksheets to help get you brainstorming and applying the techniques being taught.

...A few topics covered in The Auction Overhaul Workbook

Auction Overhaul Workbook
  • Creating Your Market Presence - Pg 8
  • Getting the most from your Auction Title - Pg 23
  • Hot tips for better pictures - pg 28
  • Your Terms and Conditions - pg 62
  • When to list your items for the highest return - pg 81
  • Maximizing your listing exposure - pg 84 
  • Building a customer list - Don't leave money on the table - pg 96
  • Various worksheets to help apply what you learn
  • And more!

brown-arrow-06_R Report: 10 Mistakes To Avoid When Listing Auctions ($7 value) - I have spent a solid 5-10 hours a week for the past 3 years researching auction listings to determine the keys to listing success. During this time I have seen several mistakes sellers make... and I see these mistakes over and over again. Don't be one of these sellers... learn 10 key mistakes to watch out for and AVOID when listing your auction.

brown-arrow-06_R Report: 1079 Words That Sell Like Crazy ($10 value) - pages and pages of words to include in your listing that motivate people to buy from you.

brown-arrow-06_R Training Video for editing photo's for eBay ($17 value)- One of the questions I am asked most often is how to use photo editing software to edit photos... you can crop, adjust color and contrast and more with just a few clicks of the mouse. Let me show you how to improve your pictures for higher bids. We look at a photo editing software product, The GIMP, in detail walking through step by step how to quickly edit photos for eBay listings. Also included is a link to download this feature rich photo editing software!

brown-arrow-06_R Report: Descriptive Wording Helper ($7 value) - list of phrases you can use in your listings to describe your item in a way that profits.

brown-arrow-06_R Extra BONUS Resources To Better Your Descriptions ($40+ value)

"Hi I have just started this week taking your advice... Wow!!! I do feel like a load has been lifted off me and am able to do just a little a day and not try to get everything in one day. And my bids are good and I have alot more people watching my auction. My first auction using this technique end today so I'm expecting good things."

ebayID: savannahlouanne

Seperately, you would pay over $100 to get your hands on these auction tools… however, for a limited time, 

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Over the years, I have seen what works and what doesn't work. Many sellers aren't aware of the common mistakes they are making with their listings and they are leaving money on the table. No More! I've spent this last year putting together this packet that is designed to teach you how to reclaim this money!

You have nothing to lose - because I offer my 100% guarantee... I promise you that the information provided in this packet is worth every penny and more - that it is filled with tips and techniques designed to help you increase potential bidding... I cannot promise an increase in your sales - that is up to you. You have to apply what you learn to see results! However, if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, let me know within 30 days - and I will refund your money... 100%!

"I just finished looking over your material and I am really impressed with the quality and the information."

~ Skip McGrath,eBay Powerseller

You Have Nothing To Lose! Just $67 $47 - And You Get All This...

  • Auction Overhaul Workbook (over 100 pages!)
  • Report: 10 Mistakes to Avoid
  • Report: 1079 Words That Sell Like Crazy
  • Report: Descriptive Phrases
  • Training Video: How To Use Photo Editing Software
  • And More!

My Auctions Need An OverHaul!

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Please don't hesitate to email me with any questions or comments you might have. You have nothing to lose - order now! I can't wait to share this package with you!


Jenni Hunt

PS. This is THE time to get your listings ready and the best they can be… Every day I see sellers (even experienced sellers) making the same mistakes with their listings… if only they knew how many bidders they were sending to their competition! Claim your customers now... and get your hands on the Auction Overhaul comprehensive package for only $67 $47!

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